Scissor Sharpening

We have questions almost everyday about getting sewing scissors sharpened.  We have good news!! Terry from iSharpen it will be visiting our store periodically.

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Terry has been sharpening cutting tools for 17 years.  We have set up a system in the shop for you to get your tools sharpened with no wait.  If you can come in on a day that he is there, he will get you fixed up while you shop.  If your schedule will not allow for you to visit him in person, feel free to drop off your items anytime.  Terry will take care of your items when he comes in and you can pick them up at your convenience.  If you need to use this drop off service, plan to pay for your items at drop off with either check or cash.  Items that are done while you wait can be paid for with cash, check or charge.  Get your dull sharp things ready and bring them it now (before you forget).  Here is a price list so you know what to expect:

Sharpening Price List

Kitchen Knives  (no serrated)

Blade Size:

1" - 5"                            $2.00

6" - 8"                            $4.00

9" - 10"                          $5.00

11" - 12"                        $6.00

Cleavers/Small Garden Tools

Must be done in shop only.   $6.00 ea

No saws, chisels, axes, lawn mower or chain saws.  


Household/Fabric         $5.00

Pet/Barber                     $7.00

Pinking                           $6.00 

Upholstery.                    $6.00 

Clipper Blades

Standard                        $6.00

Large Animal                 $7.00 

Surgical Scissors

Surgical                         $12.00

Ultra Micro                    $18.00