Long Arm Quilting

There are many ways to finish a quilt.  You can quilt by hand, quilt by machine, or quilt by check ;-).  Bring your finished quilt top and backing (we have backing for purchase if you need it).  We will come up with a fabulous plan to finish your quilt.  We will help you pick a pattern, thread and batting. There are endless options for quilting your quilt. Below are samples of quilts we have finished for people.  You can see there are different styles, from least to most complicated. Prices will depend upon the complexity of the quilting.  Email us, call us (828-484-7200), or send by messenger owl ;-).

Edge to Edge

The same pattern is repeated throughout the quilt.

edge to edge quilt

Edge to edge



Basic Custom

One pattern is used in one section of the quilt, while a different pattern is used some where else, for example, the border.

basic quilt

Basic Custom