Sewing Machine Maintenance and Repair

dj machine repair

Meet DJ - Brother Certified Warranty Repair Technician

You wouldn’t drive your car around for 5 years without an oil change, would you?  It’s the same for your sewing machine!  If you want to get back to sewing but your machine has been in ‘the garage’ for years, she needs a good spa day.  And if you are just learning to sew, having a machine in good working order is especially important.  Bring her in for a lube and tune up.  DJ will clean, oil and fine tune your machine to make it purr again.  While he is a certified Brother Warranty Repair Technician, he is also able to repair all different types of machines. He will give your machine an honest assessment of what she needs, and keep you in the loop during the process.  Simply drop your machine off during business hours. If you prefer, we can also give you a drop off date that will closely match the service date, so that you won't be without your BFF for too long.

Please note that moving forward will will only be servicing Brother and most Baby Lock machines. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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