The Scraps Go to the Dogs

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Not just that kind of scraps...

If you're ever interested in charity, we have a few things you could pitch in on. Just one of them is our scrap bag. We take all our fabric scraps that are too small to sell and bits of batting that can't really be used for anything and we stuff them inside old pillow cases. Once the pillow cases are filled up, we simply stitch them shut and hand them over to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue to use as beds for the dogs and cats and pigs and other animals they watch over. Its a fun and easy way to help out the little guys in need.

colorful scraps waiting to go in the pillow cases.

These are some of the scraps we use.

I would encourage you, by the way, to adopt a little guy from them. If you can't adopt anyone, then donate. They are 100% no-kill and all their animals are only accepted if they are coming from a bad situation where the animal is in danger. I adopted my kitty (Mallymkun) from them. My oldest daughter fully intends to adopt a pig from there as well. 

Isabel holding one of the finished pillows

If you have any old pillow cases that are stained or torn or you just don't want them anymore, feel free to leave those with us so we can use them for these pillows. 

mally the adopted child cat being cute

ay how's it goin down there?

Mally the adopted child cat being cute in a different spot

om nom nom  

Visit Brother Wolf's website. There are plenty of ways to help out, like voluteering, adopting, or donating!

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  • Such a great idea. I have a ton of tiny pieces of batting that I was saving for stuffing, but I can just put them in a pillowcase for Brother Wolf.

    Cindy on
  • “om nom nom” - how perfect! That is EXACTLY the noise my tortie makes too! Except theres a slight snorting-honking undercurrent with her grooming. Cats are endlessly amusing.

    Marie Marcella on

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