Moda Bella Challenge 2017

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Are you all ready for a challenge??  How about this great new adventure that is being hosted by Moda...

Here's the deal.  You make a quilt using these 12 solid fabrics:

Moda Bella Betty's RedModa Bella MangoModa Bella Purple Moda Bella Summer House LimeModa Bella Amelia BlueModa Bella GraphiteModa Bella SmokeModa Bella YellowModa Bella SilverModa Bella Bleached WhiteModa Bella LeadModa Bella Black


You may use them in any configuration you choose, so long as the quilt design is original, the style is modern and the quilt measures 72x90 inches.

Moda could choose to buy your quilt as part of their collection and display it at 2017 Fall Quilt Market in Houston.  Here  are all the rules and the entry form. 

We will be offering fat quarter bundles of these 12 colors as well as yardage.  Start planning your quilt now! 

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  • Scarey? Yes. But it lends itself very handily to a literal kaleidoscope or a landscape project. Not to mention graffiti. Andy Warhol wouldve loved this challenge. Cant wait to try this group!

    Marie Marcella on
  • I don’t know why, but using all solids scares me a little!

    Ann-Marie McBride on

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