Here We Come, Weaverville!

What a fun and fabulous "welcome to the neighborhood" party! It has been a whirlwind of a week. We just got the keys on Tuesday and by Friday, we had a beautiful space to entertain our friends, local business owners, and, of course, quilting fanatics! 




 And we have made a new friend-local brewers Jon and Shay Varner who are in the planning stages of Eluvium Brewery. They are opening up right behind our shop. What a pairing! I keep thinking, who needs a husband's lounge in the quilt shop (you know, where my husband usually hangs out while I fondle fabric for hours) when you can send them next door for a delicious local brew? When I told John about our little party, he offered to bring some homebrew to add to the festivities and boy was it tasty! 


brewer John

Thanks Jon! And in case you are wondering if the beer is any good, rest assured-the local beer connoisseurs gave their approval!



We are super excited to open and start sharing all these yummy quilting fabrics, services and more. Check back in with us over the next few weeks for our grand opening!