Keep on Truckin'...Um, Sewing

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It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since we locked down.  Wait.  Never mind.  It has DEFINITELY been a year. 

It has been so gratifying to see you all continuing to sew throughout this all.  And it has been wonderful being able to hook you up with anything sewing related you might need. 

We’ve had to do some turning on a dime, but we took measures to make sure everyone stayed safe AND kept sewing. 

  • We limit the number of customers in the shop at any one time…really (6 customers max).
  • We require masks on everyone who came in…really.
  • We shortened our store hours so we could safely video without masks and it also gave us some breathing room to get everyone’s orders shipped.
  • We made sure our online store was current with everything that we had in stock…and we’re still adding new things every week.
  • We started our Facebook Lives on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 4.
  • We started adding the tutorial videos from Mondays to our YouTube channel, so you could watch them again in the future.
  • Have you noticed us on Instagram? We’re pretty proud of our posts and IGTV.
  • We’ve added extra website sales…just for you.
  • We added virtual shopping through Comment Sold and Facebook Messenger.
  • Curbside pickup, anyone?
  • To make sure we kept up with our limited occupancy, we started requiring appointments for in-store shopping.
  • We’ll continue to make adjustments based on CDC recommendations.
  • Questions? Feel free to call or message on FB.

Your safety is a priority, but sew is your sanity.  We’re glad we could help with both.

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