Monthly Deals

Here are some ways to get more involved and even save some money. So each month we have a new little charm and if you ever come in and spend more than $50 in a month, you will receive one of these charms. There is a new charm each month so the "$50 per month" deal goes by each set month, not necessarily over the course of any 30 days. At he end of the year, if you've collected all the charms, you're invited to our annual cocktail party where we have games and food and drinks and more chances to save money. 

We also have a sale that happens during any month that has 5 Saturdays in it. Next time you come in be sure to purchase one of our Fifth Saturday bags. Its a reusable bag that you keep and anytime there is a fifth Saturday, you bring the bag in and anything you can fit in it is 20% off. 

monthly charms from June and July

monthly charm holder and pin for bag