What's your wish?

Posted by Angie Lamoree on

Isn't it nice when someone gets you the perfect gift?  That thing you really want but don't want to buy for yourself...that's what makes a gift registry so awesome right?  Do you wish your partner/kids/friends could know exactly what gifts to get you?

Did you know that our store offers a wish list service?  It's super easy and we can even be stealth about if need be.

Is there a sewing machine you have been lusting over?  Is there some nifty gadget you can't live without?  Maybe you just want to be the first one to get that great new fabric that is coming out...gift cards were made just for that very thing! Next time you are in the store just tell one of us what you dream of having.  

All you need to do is ask and we will add it to your customer information. Then when that special event (holiday, birthday, anniversary or 'you know you were really a jerk, wanna know how to make it up to me' day) comes up, you can just say 'the Monkeys know what I want'.  An we will use our ninja skills to make everyone happy!

So the question is, what will you put on YOUR list?

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