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Our customers are awesome! (You already knew that). We are so pleased to have sent 156 hand-crafted pouches to Australia to help animals injured in the bush fires! We also collected and donated $423 to the recovery efforts. Rex Hodge from WLOS even came by to do a story on our efforts - click here to go to the story on the WLOS website.

Kangaroo pouchesWe know that the Australian Bush fires aren't in the news very much these days, but there are still lots of fires burning. That means LOTS of need for items to help rescued animals, and donations to help with food and medical needs. We will continue to collect items and money to help these efforts. You can bring items to donate to the store, and donate money in store and online.

Want to make more items to send? Click here to go to a list of links for approved patterns. Want to donate money? Click here to go to the Donations for Australia section of our website. As soon as we have enough collected to pack up another box, we will be sending them off. 

By the way, we are working with the Global Craft Movement in these efforts. Your donations go directly to feed and care for injured animals, not to overpaid CEOs of large aid organizations.

Also, hat tip to Mark from the UPS store on Merrimon who donated all the shipping!


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