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A few weeks ago about 50 sewists* descended upon 5 Little Monkeys for our first Floriani Event, and boy, did we have fun! Floriani is the name you think of when you want beautiful embroidery. Their threads are luscious, their stabilizers are varied and effective, and their software makes machine embroidery so easy. We were happy to provide the opportunity to learn about some great Floriani products in July for our 2 day event. Those who attended had this to say:


Sorry you missed it?

Well, lucky for you we have another Floriani event coming up in a few weeks. The Floriani Hands On Event will be held September 6-8, 2018, in Black Mountain. For this event, it will be, you guessed it, HANDS ON! Now that we learn which products to use, we will get to actually use them.  Instructors from Floriani as well as Brother Sewing will walk us through various steps to create a tablet stand, giving us the chance to try new products and techniques. And you get to take home the tablet stand when we're through.  We bring everything, sewing machines, fabric, supplies, lunch and even chocolate!  You don't want to miss this opportunity.
Just in case you have someone at home that will feel left out if you come to the event, we have booked rooms at the Blue Ridge Assembly that you can use as a vacation or staycation opportunity. There are plenty of things to do in Black Mountain and nearby Asheville to keep your non-sewist busy while you indulge your creative side. Click here for more information.

* I never know what word to use. Seamstress sounds like someone from the 1930's turning depression era flour bags into ball gowns, and sewer makes me think of underground waste water tunnels (eewwww!). A sewist, on the other hand, uses sewing to create art (sew + artist). I think I'm going to stick with that!

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