Community Threads Club


Since we have all been having sew much fun at our Grateful Threads sew days we wanted to add a bit of challenge too!


This club is designed to help you sew through your stash!  That's right, I said it, stash busting!!

We all have 'those fabrics', the ones we bought on sale; the ones our friends gave us thinking we would like it; the stuff that you honest to God do not remember ever seeing before and you are sure that a troll has hidden it among your valuable treasures.  Here is your chance to use it up without stress or guilt!  With a little help from your friends, you could turn those unloved or left over fabrics into something beautiful!  As a bonus, you will be doing something great for your community.

Here are the specifics.  Once a month or sew we will get together to encourage each other and, let's be honest, show off what we have made. These meetings will usually take place before our Grateful Threads Days.  They will be on a Saturday morning form 10-12.  Check our calendar for upcoming dates.  As a thank you for playing along, for each qualifying donation, you will receive a coupon for $5 to spend in the shop, now you can replace that fabric with something you love.  There are no limits to how many donations you can make at each meeting but the donations do need to fall under some guidelines...

  • The project must fit within the size guidelines of the chosen charity
  • The project must be complete 
    • No open seams or holes
    • Finished binding
    • Labeled appropriately 
  • The project must be left at the shop to be distributed to your chosen organization. 

We will offer challenges on occasion to get you going.  Patterns will also be available. 

The organization we have chosen to support are:

We will have print outs of all details and sizes that each organization has requested.  We are open to adding new local organizations to your list, if you know of a group that would welcome some of our creations, please let us know. 

Community Threads Club