Building Shelves for the New Store

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When you go to a shop for the first time, do you pay attention to the shelves?  I do!  What kind of shelves are your favorite?  Sometimes they slant back some so the fabric looks like it is napping, sometimes the bolts lay on their side and look like bookends in the library.  The shelves I like best set the bolts on end so that the fabric can look like it is lined up and waiting for a dance partner.  A feature I always love is when there is space on the shelf for fat quarters to hang out with the bolts they came from.  It is easy to just grab a little bit of whatever you like that way.
I explained all of these things to my awesome 'building team' and by team I mean my husband and his partner in crime, Lisa.  We did some measuring and some shopping and they got to work planning...

Store Shelf Planning

Once we had an idea of dimensions and how many we would need, we got to shopping.  The wood was ordered and picked up.  It didn't look like much yet.


It didn't take long before those 10 foot long boards started to look like something great though.

Setting the Screws 

Some of the shelves will line the outer store walls. They will hold 3 sets of full bolts as well as 2 spaces for cut fat quarters. Some of the other shelves will be short and set back to back with caster wheels on the bottom for mobility.  This will give us the ability to not only keep changing the look of the store but also to arrange for larger classes and events.

Quilt Store Shelf

What do you all think of how it is going?

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  • Can’t wait for opening day!

    Lynda Bock on
  • Angie glad you are making progress with your new endeavor and hubby is so handy, exciting for all of you, wish I lived a little closer, I see road trip w/friends in future.

    Sandydenekamp on
  • I’m excited about your new shop and waiting impatiently for Opening Day!

    Wilma on
  • Congratulations, Angie and family.

  • I really think its coming along great. Rad external hard drive your son has!

    Jaydin on

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