Ocean Story Stripe Waves Blue

Ocean Story Stripe Waves Blue

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Ocean Story Stripe Waves in blue by Camelot Fabrics. Rich with vibrant colors, Ocean Story is a layered collection that offers a glimpse into some of the natural beauty that exists and lives in one of our planet’s most precious natural resources. From the variety of fish to the coral reef showcased, these prints depict the elements with clear and crisp precision. The result is akin to photo realism. Looking at these prints we sometimes forget that we’re not actually there, scuba diving or snorkelling, swimming with the fish. Whether displayed together on some prints – Ocean Story, Sea Life, Clown Fish, Underwater Sunshine - or apart in others – Tonal Star Fish, Breathe, Coral Reefs - the fish and marine vegetation are the stars of this collection. The Stripe Waves prints in multi and blue, are a fitting pair that add to the overall story. What’s more with Camelot solid blenders in Royal, Topaz, Tandoori and Indigo, the creative possibilities just skyrocketed.

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