Luxe Cuddle® Mamba Woodrose/Ink

Luxe Cuddle® Mamba Woodrose/Ink

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We’ve developed lots of different Luxe Cuddle® minky plush fabrics over the years, but our recently-expanded Luxe Cuddle® Mamba collection is truly one you don’t want to miss! The name was inspired by the almost snake- or reptilian-like look of the embossed print, accentuated by asymmetrical “v” ridges running the length of the fabric. The contrasting two-color design of the fabric really adds to the captivating and eye-catching look, and this is accomplished by dying the fabric with a solid color through the back, and stripping the fibers of their color from the front. Luxe Cuddle® Mamba is easily one of our more versatile collections, perfect for anything from apparel like jackets, vests and scarves, to accent pillows and throw blankets.

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