Kantha Cloth Enchanted Garden

Kantha Cloth Enchanted Garden

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VALORI WELLS - KANTHA CLOTH... Traditionally, Kantha was handmade by women and passed down from generation to generation, much like a lovingly pieced quilt. Kantha is an incredibly old technique that originated in Bangladesh and West Bengal made from saris and other garments that were no longer wearable. “Kontha” is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘rags,’ which were believed to keep people safe from harm. This is why women made blankets from ‘rags’ for their families and loved ones. Valori’s Kantha fabric is made in India from two layers of cotton; the face is created by a myriad of Valori’s prints inspired by her travels afar and based on her block print designs while the backing is a coordinating soft cotton solid. These two layers of fabric are patiently hand stitched together, ending up as a glorious kaleidoscope of pattern and embroidery. A kantha stitched creation is a thing to be treasured.

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