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Glo and Go

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Carry your must-have makeup, brushes, tools, toiletries, and more wherever you roam! Fast and easy to make, Glo and Go makes a great gift, too! Men and women, boys and girls all will appreciate this handy set that makes travel and organization a breeze!

Designed by Annie's beautiful globe-trotting daughter-in-law Glo, this handy folding wrap with strap closure and coordinating zippered bag make it easy to store and organize all your essentials in style.

The wrap measures 9-1/2in H x 15in W when open and 9-1/2in H x 5in W x 1-1/2 D when closed. A handy 1in slider secures the strap and allows expansion for bulky contents.

Mesh pockets provide visible storage and expand for larger items and can be customized to suit your needs. A clear vinyl flap at the top of the wrap keeps everything safe, secure, and clean. The extra-easy-to-make zippered bag measures 5-3/4in H x 9-1/2in W x 2in D. One 30in double-slide zipper and 1/4 yard of fabric will make two bags. Why not make an extra for yourself or to give as a gift?

Iron-on vinyl interfacing makes an easy-to-clean lining for both the wrap and the bag. The pattern recommends and includes instructions for applying Slicker vinyl interfacing from Lazy Girl Designs. A one-yard package makes the wrap and two bags.

A model filled with makeup brushes and other toiletries is a no-brainer. But why not also make a set in guy fabrics and display it with razors, shaving cream, a toothbrush, and other toiletries? A child's set filled with paints and brushes or colored markers is sure to excite the mothers and grandmothers, too. Or, how about a set holding crochet hooks and knitting needles?

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