Foam Puffy White 3mm 6in x 9in

Foam Puffy White 3mm 6in x 9in

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White 3mm 6in x 9in Puffy Foam sheets, a high quality Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Foam that is made specifically for use on home sewing machines. It is non-toxic, water-resistant and machine washable, but it is flammable and cannot be dry-cleaned. There is virtually no waste because even very small pieces can be used. 3, Sheets per package.
It perforates cleanly when stitched through, and makes the stitching stand well above the fabric. Puffy Foam works best on designs that feature a satin stitch edge or underlay techniques that will perforate the foam prior to stitching the top layer. Not all machines and/or design cards are appropriate for both weights of Puffy Foam. Do a test sample before applying to finished project.

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