Dynamic Dresdens Book

Dynamic Dresdens Book

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The Dynamic Dresdens Book features 96 color pages of instruction and inspiration. Perfect for use alongside the Dynamic Dresden Rulers! Projects include options for seven 18 and 30-degree customizable complete quilt patterns, tips for creating accurate Dresden units, and innovative finishing techniques.

With the Dynamic Dresdens Book, you’ll learn how to:
  • Create double-pointed wedges with the inside edge of Dresden units already finished (no applique needed)
  • Cut accurate wedges with Dynamic Dresdens Rulers, other Dresden rulers or templates
  • Turn points with the patented Prairie Pointer Tool or another pointed object
  • Use a sew-and-flip technique on a fabric foundation to create flat, precise units
  • Eliminate background fabric from shadowing through Dresden fabrics
  • Construct pieced wedges with immaculate intersections
  • Add piping to pieced wedges
  • Fussy-cut interesting fabrics for spinning or kaleidoscopic effects
  • Interlock ringsfor 3-D effects
  • Integrate partial units into background piecing
  • Build waves, straight runs, and loop die-loops
  • Design your own Dresden in the size you choose
  • Create flat, square quilts with beautiful binding
  • Finish with the Dresdens Over the Edge technique

Instructions are written so projects can be made using the Dynamic™ Rulers (shown in book’s illustrations) or with templates.

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