Acorn Easy E-Sprayer Combo Pack

Acorn Easy E-Sprayer Combo Pack

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Introducing the NEW Acorn Easy E-Sprayer™, a rechargeable electric sprayer designed to reduce the fatigue and pain of using our Acorn continuous mist hand squeeze bottle. The Acorn Easy E-Spray bottle included in this combi pack helps you to distribute Easy Press Fabric Treatment™ evenly across your fabric in seconds and works perfect with the included 16 oz refill bottle or purchase the 1 Gal refill bottle.

Acorn Easy Press Fabric Treatment™ designed by Shelley and Bernie Tobisch helps to: add volume, inhibit fraying, improve accuracy while creating, and restores fabric back to their true size.

The Acorn Easy E-Sprayer has been designed for use with Acorn Easy Press Fabric Treatment and water for setup and cleaning after use. Whilst this sprayer is excellent for several products and uses, Best Quilt Sew Knit Products LTD, will only be able to provide customer support when used with Acorn Easy Press Fabric Treatment or water.

To avoid damage, do not submerge the spray head in water or any other liquid.
Acorn Easy E-Sprayer contains a lithium battery.

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