Strip Poker July

  • Strip Poker July
  • Strip Poker July
Join us for a night of laughs and games playing poker with fabric strips as the ante. No prior knowledge of poker is needed. We will play simple, fun games with plenty of support. Who knows, you might even find that poker is your second favorite pastime (after quilting!). The big winner goes home with a bunch of new strips that can inspire a brand new project.

WHAT: Strip Poker (snacks included)

WHEN: Friday, July 12th, 6PM-9PM

ANTE: 2.5" x 42" strips of fabric (bring approximately 25-30 pieces). If you don't have any strips, Angie will be selling 10 strips for $5 (half price!!!)

FEE: $10 (to be used for the pizza and snacks) plus money to buy strips if you don't have your own

Please Register Early. Space is limited.