Custom T-Shirt Class



Friday, August 24 2018 - 5:30-8:30 pm

Skill Level:



In this class we’ll learn to make comfortable and classic knit t-shirts (or tank tops!), tailored to fit just the way we like them.


This is a good class for beginners who may be intimidated by the thought of making their own clothes – just how DO you put in a sleeve, anyway? And how can I make sure this pattern is going to fit me? We’ll answer questions like these and learn strategies to cut, pin, and sew knit fabric with the least amount of fuss.


We’ll practice finishing the shirt with a bound edge, although you can also choose to leave the edges raw (knit fabric won’t unravel, it just curls).


It’ll be fun, and you’ll end up with a shirt that you can wear right out the door. For inspiration, check out the Vesta Patterns gallery.


Vesta Patterns are drafted for three different body shapes, so you can start with measurements that are in the right ballpark for your figure. After taking your bust, waist, and hip measurements, look over the three pattern options to see which version of the Grail tee is the closest fit to your proportions.


If you’re uncertain about your measurements or have questions about which shape to choose, you can buy 2 yards of fabric (which will be enough to cover all possible sizes and sleeve variations), and settle on a pattern at the start of the class.


The Grail is drafted for natural-fiber knit fabric with 20% stretch. If you need help choosing an appropriate fabric, there is a handy Stretch-O-Meter guide inside the pattern.


Wash, dry, and iron your fabric before the class so your shirt won’t shrink after it’s made!


Whitney Hills


Vesta Patterns Grail 3201, 4201, or 5201

Fabric in the appropriate yardage for your size and style

Thread to go with your fabric

Sewing machine in good working order.

Universal or ballpoint needle

Marking chalk (I like Clover Pen Style Chaco Liners)


Cutting shears

Seam ripper

Soft measuring tape

A nice big ruler