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My name is Terri Click and I have been teaching machine and software classes for 30 years. Software doesn't have to be scary, and I am eager to help you learn how to master this software. Do you want to create just what you want in exactly the way you want it? Come to this class and see what you can do. For more information on me or what I do, go to my Blog at to see a sampling.

I can't wait to meet you and start this software series!



We are very excited to announce a new teacher here in the Monkey House! Terri is a new transplant to the WNC area and we can't wait for you all to meet her!  She has an abundance of sewing knowledge and even more energy. She has probably forgotten more about thread than I will ever know!

Terri will be teaching a range of sewing and quilting classes. She is a Master of all things Brother and Baby Lock! If you want to know how to do something cool with your embroidery machine, she's your girl. 

One of Terri's first classes will be on Floriani Total Control. If you own have FTCU yet don't know all of the functions or you just want to learn about this program this is a great way to start. Terri will be hosting classes/demonstrations to give you the low down and some basics to get started. She'll walk you through how to create designs. The first session will touch on fonts, applique, and using basic shapes. If you already own the software, feel free to bring your laptop and play along. If you are thinking of getting the software, all you need to bring is a notebook and pen. Everyone is welcome to keep the designs we create, just remember to bring a flash drive. No matter where you are in your embroidery design stage, she will help you feel comfortable and know that you can use this software. 

Terri will also be hosting a series of classes on the Dream Machine, Luminaire, Destiny, and Solaris to show you all the amazing things these machines can do.  The first class will be based around this wall hanging:

Everything to complete this project is done in the machine using either 'My Design Album' or 'IQ'. We will cover techniques like quilting in the hoop, applique, adjusting deigns to fit, and much more!  

As an added benefit, if you purchased your machine with us, this class is free; You will only need to pay for the fabric kit. 

Terri will also be helping us learn how to work with knit fabrics for clothing as well as home decor.  How cute is this pillow?

 So you see why we are so excited for Terri to be part of our troupe??  

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